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The Make Marriage Worx Group (wip)

Wives, are you tempted by feminism?

Banish those thoughts and ask your husband what he wants for dinner!

Andrea Burke-Bottom is a former alpha wife who took the pledge to become a trad-wife to avoid upsetting her husband's floundering masculinity.

Despite her allegiance to the trad-wife movement, Andrea continued to struggle with her will to dominate – so to overcome her alpha tendancies, Andrea took matters into her own hands and developed a series of methodologies and devices to stop her alpha ways in their tracks.

So pleased with the efficacy of her devices, Andrea set up ‘The Make Marriage Worx Group’ – a programme teaching women how to be the ‘perfect wives’ in order to make their marriages work.

However, can all this save Andrea's marriage and her husband’s ego?

Andrea is joined by her trad-wife pal, Birdie Doogooder, who uses song and mixed media to preach about her love of the trad-wife movement and men's rights!

The MMWG is a satirical character dramedy exploring the trad-wife movement, the media and internalised misogyny.

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Writer and Performer -

Emma Davies

Lyricist, videos and Singer -

Sarah Jackson

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Show dates


Monday 17 @The Bread and Roses


Edinburgh Fringe

The Free Fest (Laughing Horse)

Saturday 5 -12 @Bar Soba

Camden Fringe

Tues 15 - 17 @Aces & Eights

Saturday 19 @Museum of Comedy